Brumby - Women's - Charcoal & Red

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Using the same manufacturing techniques learned from our classic Outback slipper we bring you the Brumby Boot. Developed from traditional felt making techniques but with an Eco twist by using PET yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. The Brumby booty, inspired by the iconic Australian elastic sided work boots, warn by Aussies just about everywhere and used for everything. The Brumby (aptly named after the wild horses of Australia) is a do it all slipper, whether you are camping in the bush, nipping to the corner shop or simply chilling at the ranch, indoors or out, rain or shine, snow or carpet, the Brumby Slipper boots have you covered!


Each pair of our Outback slippers feature our very own recycled rubber Gumtread™ outsole. The outsole is designed to be flexible for comfort and durable to take you further than your back door.

Recycled Plastic

We use recycled PET (Post consumer plastic bottles) which make up the upper of our slippers. This plastic is turned into felt which provides warmth and comfort.

Castor Oil

The slipper insoles are made from material derived from castor oil, a natural alternative replacing the need to use crude oil.

Castor oil is used in a variety of products from beauty & hair products to medical uses and now insoles!