Brumby - Women's - Charcoal & Red

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Using the same manufacturing techniques learned from our classic Outback slipper we bring you the Brumby Boot. Developed from traditional felt making techniques but with an Eco twist by using PET yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. The Brumby booty, inspired by the iconic Australian elastic sided work boots, worn by Aussies just about everywhere and used for everything. The Brumby (aptly named after the wild horses of Australia) is a do it all slipper, whether you are camping in the bush, nipping to the corner shop or simply chilling at the ranch, indoors or out, rain or shine, snow or carpet, the Brumby Slipper boots have you covered!

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We chose recycled rubber as the base material for our innovative outsoles with the dual purpose of flexibility and durability in mind. Recycled rubber also provides tire-like tread for the grip to continue your adventures, whether you’re wandering further than the backyard in your slippers or taking on the world in your flip-flops.

Recycled plastic

The uppers of our slippers are constructed from a second-life felt, made from recycled PET plastic that we source from post-consumer waste including bottles, food containers and cosmetics packaging. Once processed into a cosy brushed felt, it provides all the warmth and comfort of a traditional slipper in a non-virgin, non-animal alternative to wool or suede.

Natural Origin Insoles

Our foam insoles are of natural, plant-based origin. They are formulated from organic, biomass-derived materials and have a lower carbon footprint than typical polyurethane foam. This material is the perfect texture to comfort the sole through its super-soft cushioned surface.