Brumby - Men's - Navy & Grey

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Taking the original innovation of our Outback style to new heights of cosy convenience, the Brumby boot makes indoor/outdoor wear a breeze, channelling the intrepid nature of its Australian wild horse namesake.

DURABLE OUTDOOR SOLES – designed to take you from the couch to the back door and beyond, our signature high-grip Gumtread™ outsoles are flexible and long lasting, perfect for fireside or après-ski adventures. Plus, they're made with recycled rubber so every step loves the earth back!

SECOND LIFE & NATURAL MATERIALS - our super-soft recycled PET felt uppers provide a cosy, vegan-friendly alternative to traditional wool slippers, as well as being a second-life material. Combined with foam insoles made from plant-derived organic materials and durable outsoles made from recycled rubber, every step is a step in the right direction.

AUSSIE INSPIRED COMFORT - the Brumby's construction is inspired by Australian elastic-sided work boots, driving home its comfortable versatility. Designed for those who rarely stand still but like to feel effortless as they do it, this slipper boot is ideal for campers, gardeners, wanderers, skiers, and all-season adventurers!

FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD - through our partnership with Empower AS, your purchase of the Brumby slipper recovers the equivalent of 80 plastic bottles worth of plastics from ocean shorelines and riverbanks. As well as providing income to local waste-pickers in South-East Asia & Africa, this converts harmful plastic pollution into renewable materials, like that used to make our cosy felt uppers!

Take cosy comfort on every walkabout, in the Brumby slipper.

Customer Reviews

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Ron W.

Robust, warm and I like what they look like.
I have ruined many pairs of slippers by going outside by mistake. With my Brumbys, no problem.
I went a size lower based on a review and I find them a little snug. I am hoping that they will give a bit.

Brumby 1 year on

I've worn them often for a year now, and they're pretty much on their way out now.
They're excellent for air travel - the roomy design is easy to slip on, and when you land at your destination they'll still comfortably fit swollen feet.
I've walked long distances in these and have never once had a blister.
I do feel like there could be a little more sole at the rear of the shoe, and that may contribute to the poor performance in wet weather.
They look fairly large on the foot, so if you already have big feet these start to verge on clown shoes. In any case, if you're not using them as your main shoe that won't really be an issue.
Would recommend


Extremely comfortable, very warm, and very easy to takeoff and put back on! All in all great value I plan on getting a second pair for house, shoes!

Mandy F.

Best ever so comfy

Andrew W.

Brought them for winter so haven’t worn them yet, have a pair of outbacks and they are great!!!