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Recycled Rubber

• We use recycled rubber from tires for the out soles of many of our products such as the Islander Flip-Flop, Corker Flip-Flop and Duckbill Flip-Flop
• This provides a hard wearing and slip-resistant base for our products.

Jute Fiber

• Natural Jute fibre is used to reinforce the sole as well as reducing the weight of the soles.
• It is inserted in to the mould as a sheet and the recycled rubber is injected and fused with the Jute sheet.

Recycled Textile

• Recycled cotton reclaimed from production and other sources is used in in the straps of the Islander Flip-Flop.
• Recycled canvas is also used for the uppers on the Deck Mates and Ozpadrille Shoes.

Recycled Plastic

• rPET (Recycled Plastic) from post consumer product such as bottles is used in the new Duckbill Flip-Flops strap and the upper of the Outback Slipper is also made from 100% rPET.


• The cork used in the Corker Flip-Flop is sourced from Portugal.
• Cork is a natural, sustainable material with many special properties such being antibacterial and heat regulating.

Castor Bean

• Castor bean is a natural alternative to crude oil based foams which are commonly used in footwear.
• We use castor bean foam in the insoles for our Deck Mates and Ozpadrille and Outback Slipper.

Algae Foam

• Algae foam is created by cleaning waterways of ecologically damaging algae blooms. The water is filtered, the algae removed and then specially processed so it can be used to create algae foam.
• We use algae foam in the out soles of our Deck Mates and Ozpadrille.