Q. How long does it take to get my order?

A. We try to dispatch most orders within the same day if placed before 12pm. Any orders placed after 12pm and during the weekends will be dispatched on the next working day. Mainland orders are shipped using USPS Priority. You can find out more here: https://www.gumbies.us/pages/shipping


Q. How do I clean my Gumbies Islander Flip-Flops?

A. We recommend cleaning by hand using warm water and detergent. Use a cloth or something similar that is not abrasive so you don’t damage the canvas footbed.

You can also view our cleaning video and full instructions here: Cleaning Video

Q. How do I return my order?

A. Please fill in the returns slip which you should have received in with your packet. If for some reason there is no slip or you have misplaced it, you can download a copy here: https://www.gumbies.us/pages/returns

Q. What does (W) and (M) mean?

A. This is our way of distinguishing between Women's (W) and Men's (M) sizes. For example a US 4 (M) | US 5 (W) is a Men's 4 or a Women's 5.


Q. What size should I order?

A. From the feedback we have received from our customer we believe that our sizing is true to size. For example, if you are a US (W) 8 then we suggest ordering a US (W) 8.

Q. I have a half size shoe size. Which size should I order?

A. As there is only about 1/4in between half sizes we would recommend going up to the next size for Men and down a size for Women.

  • Men's example, if you are a US (M) 8.5 we would recommend a US (M) 9*
  • Women's example, if you are a US (W) 7.5 we would recommend a US (W) 7*

*This information has been collected from customer feedback.