Gumbies Islander Cleaning Video

The below video provide instructions on how to clean Gumbies Islander Flip-Flops & Slides.

Full Cleaning Instructions

  1. Fill a bucket with warm water, and make a later with 1- 2 table spoons of mild laundry detergent a liquid detergent suitable for delicates like Ecover delicate laundry liquid is ideal.

  2. Using a toothbrush or washing-up sponge, scrub the canvas on the flip-flops whilst holding it above the bucket of water.

  3. Dip the flip-flops in the water to wash off the dirt and continue scrubbing.

  4. Rinse your flip-flops with warm, clean water.

  5. Use an old towel to remove any excess water from the flip-flops.

  6. Leave the flip-flops to dry in the sun if possible or in a warm dry place indoors.