Slingbacks - Women's - Black Swirls

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This reimagined flip flop features our signature Gumtread™ outsole with just a twist on the upper. The twist - super soft, stretchy polyester straps just like your favourite scrunchy.

The slingback strap configuration offers a stunning look which is both functional and oh so comfortable. 

This flattering sandal is available in a range of great colours, hardest part now is deciding which one to choose!


We chose recycled rubber as the base material for our innovative outsoles with the dual purpose of flexibility and durability in mind. This second-life material avoids the need for further rubber farming, which often involves environmentally damaging forest clearance.

Jute Fibre

For our flip-flops, we combine recycled rubber with biodegradable jute fibres to provide extra strength and durability to our outsoles. Jute threads are woven into our flip-flop Gumtread™ Outsoles in a criss-cross style to provide flex while preserving the integrity of the rubber wear after wear.

Stand For A Tree

With each purchase of Gumbies flip-flops, a mangrove tree is planted in Mozambique, Madagascar or Kenya. Mangrove trees specifically are enriching to the environment due to their ability to store up to 4 times the amount of carbon of other trees.