Women's Sandals & Slides

Keep the journey going year after year in sandals & slides you can rely on. Our sandals are durable, versatile, and suit any outfit or activity. Choose your style and start your journey.


Super-Soft Scrunchy Straps

The classic flip-flop silhouette, reimagined with a twist, literally! The Slingback's super-soft stretchy straps offer maximum style and functionality. The only hard part is picking your favourite print!

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Durable Outer Sole

Our Gumtread™ recycled rubber outsoles are flexible, durable and provide a tyre-like grip for whatever terrain you might encounter. Biodegradable jute fibres reinforce and preserve the integrity of the rubber, so the adventure keeps on going year after year.

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Contoured For Comfort

Designed to suit the natural shape of the foot, so you can expect support on every walkabout. Wear them beach-bound, bar-hopping, or embarking on a new adventure.


Ready to head off the beaten track? Gumbies™ Scrambler sandals have the support you need. The Scramblers EVA foot bed is thick and springy yet super-soft and feather-light, ensuring the only challenge on your journey is deciding when to stop exploring!

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The Tracker features a contoured footbed for a natural barefoot feel. Designed to mirror the shape of your foot, the Tracker Sandal offers unparalleled comfort and flexibility across any terrain, allowing you to move with ease and confidence.

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Gumbies Strider Sliders are the epitome of effortless style and comfort for every adventurer. Designed for versatility, these sliders feature an adjustable strap that effortlessly accommodates all foot shapes, ensuring a personalized fit for maximum comfort.

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