Men's Thredbo Boots

Boot up & cosy down; adventure doesn't stop when the temperature drops! Slip on your Thredbo boot slippers and stay snug in style. All Gumbies slippers combine recycled and natural materials for style, comfort, and warmth. Our Gumtread™ recycled rubber outsole means you can experience comfort indoors or out.





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Why Choose Gumbies?

Plant A Tree

With each purchase of Gumbies flip-flops, a mangrove tree is planted in Mozambique, Madagascar or Kenya. Mangrove trees enrich the environment due to their ability to store up to 4 times more carbon than other trees.

Recovering Ocean Plastic

Through our partnership with Empower AS, your purchase of a Gumbies Slipper recovers the equivalent of 80 bottles worth of plastics from ocean shorelines and riverbanks.


We chose recycled rubber as the base material for our innovative outsoles with the dual purpose of flexibility and durability in mind.