How to Take Care of Your Gumbies

Whether you wear your Gumbies footwear inside or out, it’s without a doubt that they will get mucky at some point.
With our recommended cleaning care, this will help ensure for Gumbies longer-lasting wear. 

Here are some recommended tips below to make that your Gumbies are looking squeaky clean - whether it be in time for the next Winter spell, or for your next Summer vacation.

Gumbies Outback Slippers

Our Outback slippers are machine washable!

All you need to do is remove the insoles (which can be washed separately by hand with warm water and environmentally-friendly laundry detergent) and just pop the slippers into the washing machine on the lowest temperature and spin.  

 By using environmentally-friendly laundry detergents, you can ensure that these will be natural and chemical-free, meaning that these are less harsh on your skin, clothing and the environment. 

 Do not tumble dry the slippers - they will dry naturally.


 Due to the nature of the felt, there may be some ‘pilling’, or otherwise known, ‘bobbling’ with wear. 

We would recommend using a razor or a special fabric trimming tool (which can be brought in most fabric shops/supermarkets) to shave the bobbly bits off.  This will not cause any damage to the slipper itself.  


 No one likes stinky insoles! That’s why we’d recommend washing these by hand (which is more gentle on the insole materials) and leave them to dry naturally.   


Due to the nature of the materials, we’d recommend you rolling up your sleeves and washing the flip-flops by hand.    

Fill up a bowl with lukewarm water, while adding some environmentally-friendly detergent. A soft toothbrush or a sponge (or something similar that is not abrasive) will help to gently remove any marks or dirt on the flip-flops. 

These will dry naturally - unless they are the Duckbills which are 100% waterproof! 

Do not leave your flip-flops out in direct sunlight as this may cause bleaching.

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